Thursday, April 12, 2018

The roofed part of the restaurant Part 1

When we started with the restaurant  in August 1991, we only had the open air part and could seat 40 people.
While it does not get as cold here at night as more inland, it is COLD during the winter months in the evening outside.
You can of course drink a lot of red wine, as an eldery lady told me years ago on a cold winter evening " when you drink enough red wine, then you are warm inside"
After the first flower seasons --- August till middle October, Kobus said that he will built a roof over the "skaapkraal"
Lucky for us, the "skaapkraal" is right next to the open air part.A part of the stone walls were part    of a blacksmith shop in the 1800's.
The other walls were built by Kobus"s father in 1942 .

We use the roofed part actually much more than the open air part , it  has its own unique atmosphere with rocks inside.

Over the next couple of post I will take you down memory lane about the construction and building of the roof ( Kobus did it all with the help of 2 workers )
In the meantime, take a look at these lovely wedding pictures of decor and dancing in the roofed part.